• Principal Architect Sachin Vyas
  • After completing his degree in B.Arch from A.P.E.I.D in 2000, Ar.Sachin Vyas embarked upon his own practice in architecture. He set up his own studio ‘Sahaj Creations ’in August 2001 in Jamnagar .He has always believed in ‘self learning’ and has developed his own language of architecture from observation and experience .Today, after 10 years, Sahaj Creations has climbed the ladder of success and has completed several projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, infrastructure, urban design, landscape design and heritage conservation. He is a member of COA, IIA and IIID.He is also an abhyasi of ‘Shri Ram Chandra’ and is deeply inclined towards spirituality.
  • Studio
  • ‘Sahaj Creations’ is a team of young dedicated professionals who work together in a conducive working environment .Along with the principal architect, the team puts in their heart and soul in experimentation to arrive at a creative, economical, functional and user friendly solution to the design problem. The team is supported by skilled contractors and consultants

  • Design Philosophy
  • Ar. Sachin believes that “For every answer one has to search within.” He also strongly believes that “Nature is the best architect.” His sensitivity towards natural and unconventional resources isreflected in his work.
    He happily describes his professional practice and love for architecture in one line ---- “Journey in space in search of space

  • Design Approach
  • The design evolves on its own by putting together several aspects like requirement of client, constraints of site, aesthetics, materials, energy efficiency, construction techniques rather than a forced attempt. Every design is the reflection of the client’s wants and needs and not a superimposed architectural language of the architect. Client satisfaction is a priority. Every design is practical, cost effective, aesthetically appealing and unique units own
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